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The home-made ice-cream,

as sweet as a smile

Bobocono is a brand that strongly identifies the product and the service given by the company. The word Bobocono is directly linked with the brand awareness and recognition.


Everything you will find inside the stores will represent our typical signature move. The furniture, the design, the colours, the sounds and the atmosphere..everything will speak about our vision.


In our mission, the brand Bobocono should be a synonym of a rooted company into the city of Cagliari. Bobocono is linked to the past but, at the same time, it is able to take far-sighted measures which point the way ahead, to the world. 



Since the beginning, the business idea was characterized by some essential milestones. The first one is to give a high-quality product which will be made by farm-to-table fair trade ingredients, whenever possible. We like to give priority to certified Italian products, such as the Bronte I.G.P. Pistachio and the PGI Nut. 


Furthermore, it is important for us to offer the best reference market price, using raw materials of the highest quality. In order to do so, we are constantly searching for the best deal among our suppliers.


Finally, what really matters to us is that people feel at home. When they enter the shop, we like to imagine that they feel relaxed and welcomed. 


Our effort is to make them smile.




Phone +39 070-3110125


Via Oristano 23, 
Cagliari, 090127



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I Nostri Prodotti

The Ethical Approach

Bobocono constantly pays attention to the respect of specific ethical standards.

That's why we source some speculation-sensitive products (coconut, cocoa, sugar etc.) from the market for fair trade.

We strongly believe in the appropriate remuneration for our suppliers, as much as collaborators and employees. 

La scelta etica

The homemade Ice-cream

Our ice-cream is made of local raw materials and by the fair trade sugar. The receipt come from a long tradition of Italian ice-cream production. The objective is to offer an extremely high-quality product.

Our products

Our Chocolate is even more special because it is made by cocoa and dark muscovado sugar from the fair trade market!


Our signature flavour: The Pistachio.
Only made from the certified Sicilian Bronte Pistachio.

The Nut flavour is chosen between the best Italian Nuts...obviously D.O.P.

Crema Mariolina is a super delicious cream. It is made by sweet vanilla and free-range eggs.

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